A Favorite Gone Viral: Fast and Furious

When you combine several of the things that we love together into one video you can easily reach out to many and touch them in a way that draws people together. One of the most encompassing parts of life that we tend to all love in one form or another is music. Music is a part of our lives that has been found in every region of the world, in every culture and is a way of expressing a feeling that can go deeper than nearly any other format to make us feel and understand with song and rhythm.

For those of us who love fast cars and the excitement they bring, the Fast and Furious franchise is one that we’ve admired for several years as well. Not only do you get to see some of the rarest and most powerful versions of the cars on the screen racing around, you get a story that’s hard to compare and hard to beat. This franchise wasn’t just created to show us a lot of racing in illegal manners, it was created to let us feel and understand the characters and the length they would go to for each other.

The struggles these characters would go through just to bring them together as a family proved that they were willing to go the distance for each other. Along the way they tended to pick up a straggling family member that would join late or become another adopted lost soul, but as this group broke the law, set things right and then found their way back to their home again, you feel as if you’re watching a special group that has true and pure love for one another. While these characters are played by actors, many of us have watched these movies and associated some aspect of our lives with what we see on the screen, just on a much smaller and safer level.

Unfortunately, one of the actors was lost to a car crash a few years ago while filming Furious 7. As part of the sound track, a tribute song and video was created by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth that showed many of the heart-wrenching scenes from the movie franchise that we’ve loved to watch and witness over the years. The scenes showed the togetherness and bond of these family members as the pair of artists hit the notes and the words that tug at your heartstrings knowing Paul Walker was no longer among this group.

The final scene of the video is extremely poignant with a CGI scene using Walker’s brother and Vin Diesel who take two different roads to where they’re going. This video brings the feelings of loss, the togetherness of family, the emotional depth that music can bring and the scenes we’ve loved from the movie franchise together to be one of the most watched on YouTube. This is such a popular video that it’s already received over 2.9 billion views and counting.   It’s linked below and can certainly give you an emotional ride, especially if you’ve been a fan of this movie franchise.



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