The Sport Variant has Been Seen

When automakers bring us new models that are expected to be better than the previous model, the use of a large variety of research and technology is beneficial to many vehicles and the larger automotive groups that we see offer this to the models that are built. This is part of what makes the models that come from the Volkswagen Group so special and what has been seen at the track recently in Europe is the next generation of the Audi S7 which is the sport variation of the A7 that we expect to see on the stage soon.

How can the Audi S7 benefit from what the Volkswagen Group has to offer? This car is one that will use aspects from Porsche and a transmission designed for this same performance brand in order to provide us with the qualities we’re looking for when we want to have the driving enjoyment on the road and at the track. The A7 model will continue to have the fastback shape that is exceptional to see, but the real interest is going to be with the S7 which will not only use this sporty shape but more of what you’re looking for.

The reason we know the S7 was the car that was found testing in Southern Europe is because of the large front intake ports that are seen on the car to bring more air into the engine bay. This car will use the engine from the Porsche Panamera 4S which is a 2.9-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that shows up with 430 horsepower. This engine will use the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and the Quattro AWD will be standard fare. This will allow the new S7 to ride on the new MLB Evo platform from Audi which is expected to allow as much as 220 pounds of weight loss for the car.

We do expect the engine that is used for the S7 to have more power than in the Panamera, making this a sporty version of the A7 that will be exciting for the drive we want. In the rear of the S7, there will be quad exhausts, which we’ve also seen in the spy shots taken. Up front will be a modern set of LED headlights to light the way and make it easy for you to see where you’re going in this new and vastly improved car.

The unveiling of the new Audi A7 is expected to take place at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but that might be pushed back as the team is still testing. The expectation is that both the A7 and the new S7 will be offered at the same time in order to give us a look at what we can expect for the 2019 model year from Audi with this excellent lineup. What we will certainly want to know is how fast the S7 can make its way around the Nurburgring track or at least how quickly it reaches sixty mph.

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