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There have been many different cars that have found different ways to create speed and show off at a track for us to admire. We’ve seen cars that can drive as fast as you can imagine, but some people choose to find speed in different ways. Whether that means they’re the first to do something or just the fastest one to do it, the decision to do something faster or better than anyone else means you could break or set a new Guinness World Record that could be great for you to enjoy the experience.

Whether you’re the one looking to set a record or just want to admire one, you’ll love what you see when you check out the videos below. The use of YouTube has made it possible for some people who might just have a backyard hobby that annoys their neighbors to turn their oddities in to notorious events that many viewers enjoy and gobble up as part of their entertainment on a regular basis. One of the people who has made this a priority in their lives is Colin Furze who has created faster items on wheels in strange forms as his claim to fame.

Furze has been the one to create the world’s fastest baby stroller, and he ever took a lap around Silverstone on a mobility scooter that would give your grandmother a heart attack that allows her to meet her maker with a huge smile on her face, but he’s now taken this to another level. Furze has created the fastest bumper car to ever be built. Yes, the bumper car that’s normally electrified and at an amusement park where you have a lot of fun with your kids is what he has now beefed up.

Using a 600cc motorcycle engine Furze has somehow created a bumper car that’s able to be driven at a speed that’s over 100 mph. This amazing feat would have been awesome enough if Furze had been the one behind the wheel. Instead, he was smart enough to contact the famous BBC show Top Gear and talk them into allowing The Stig to drive the bumper car on the track and make the fast run that came in at this amazing speed. This bumper car is awesome and one you have to see on the track, which you can by checking out any of these three videos.

After seeing this car make its impressive run, take a look at the project as it was taking place and see how much fun it was for Furze to create a bumper car that could drive 100 mph. This car was insane on the track and while watching, I certainly expected it to flip over at any minute, but it’s obvious that Furze is a genius of some sort. We love our speed and now we have the world’s fastest bumper car as evidenced by the recording of the Guinness team and the creator Colin Furze.

04.25.17 - Colin Furze

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