Torque, When is There Too Much?

When you’re discussing the power numbers of a vehicle to an enthusiast, the numbers can never be too large. Horsepower and torque are the two items that we want in our cars, especially if we plan to drag race them. While we can admire impressive torque numbers for a ca, there is a time when the torque is more than what the parts of the vehicle can handle. When this happens something has got to give in order to make it possible for the vehicle to deliver the torque needed for the performance desired.

Torque is a force that twists and pulls to help make the wheels turn faster. The more torque you have at lower rpm, the more your car can take off from the line and rocket forward to the finish line. The problem is, the power of torque has a wearing effect on the parts needed to make a car go as fast as you want. When engineers build cars and design the drivetrains, they have to keep in mind the amount of torque being used to make sure the parts included can handle the torque and withstand the torture of driving fast and hard.

Dodge had chosen to create a new version of the Challenger. This new version will sit atop the lineup, even above the lauded Hellcat, and be called the Demon. The Dodge team has built this car to have more horsepower and more torque than the previous Hellcat model which required some changes to be made to ensure the power delivery will be right and the parts can handle the job of delivering this increased torque where in needs to be. In the latest video of the series of teasers you’ll see a hint at some of the parts and materials needed to handle an increase in torque.

We haven’t been given the numbers for the torque on the new Demon, but we know the team built a new prop shaft, half shafts and added a new differential housing. These new parts are made from high-strength steel. The heat treated stub shafts of the new prop shaft increase the tube thickness by 20 percent which gives this item the ability to handle up to 15 percent more torque. The differential housing is made to handle an increase of up to 30 percent more torque and the half shafts can live through an increase of 20 percent.

Another way the Demon is being upgraded to handle the massive torque number is with upgraded Launch Assist software. This software has been upgraded to alleviate the wheel hop that was part of the Challenger of the past. The way this will work is with the use of wheel speed sensors that will detect the hop and cut the torque momentarily to compensate for this problem. This will help keep the traction where you want it and make it possible for you to continue to accelerate smoothly during a race.

The new Dodge Challenger Demon is proving to be the conversation piece of the year. Why wouldn’t it be, we love to talk about fast cars and the insane power they provide and with the Demon, we’ve been getting a teaser each week to give us an idea of what this car will be and how it will perform when it finally arrives. If you’re ready to see the Demon, the unveiling will be at the New York International Auto Show in April. Once revealed, it will only be a matter of time before this awesome new car makes it way to the roads and tracks around us to show off the insane new power the Dodge has put under the hood.


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