Upgrades and Improvements in the Chevrolet Lineup

The excitement around Chevrolet doesn’t just revolve around the new models of the Corvette or Camaro coming to the market. The news isn’t all about the new sedans and how they look or what the next generation of the Silverado might bring. In fact much of the excitement isn’t even about the new Cruze hatchback, although the response to that car has been awesome so far. Nope, the excitement around Chevrolet revolves around two areas of the lineup that have changed and are changing in a big way for the next wave of the future of the brand.

The 2016 model year saw something new and different in the automotive market of the US. This was the first year on record that SUVs outsold sedans on the market. This has been a few years coming and certainly was expected to happen sooner or later. Because of the trend toward this action and now that it’s a reality most automakers are doubling down on the SUVs they offer and putting their investments into these vehicles that are built to handle the drive and be the higher ride with more space than the sedans that have been the sales leaders for many years.

With this in mind Chevrolet is updating its two most popular SUV models, the Equinox and the Traverse. The Equinox will be offered for 2018 and show up later this year while the Traverse will also be offered for the 2018 model year and be the first new generation for this SUV since it came to the market in 2009. The Traverse will not make the same transitions as the GMC Acadia. The Traverse will instead maintain its ability to offer three rows of seats for us to enjoy and offer us a build and feel that makes a huge difference in our driving enjoyment of this vehicle.

With the Equinox on the small end of the SUV market and the Traverse much larger there is room for another SUV to squeeze in between the two which has already been discussed as a rumor to bring back the Blazer name. This could be the perfect time and space for the Blazer to make a comeback on the market in a form that’s the right size and shape to fit in between these two. With the Acadia shrinking there wouldn’t necessarily be room to bring back the GMC Jimmy, but the Blazer could handle the load of customers looking for this size from GM.

In addition to the changes for these two models an even more exciting event took place already for Chevrolet and its catching on extremely fast. The new Bolt EV has hit the market and has already become a sales success in only the first full month on the market. This was a move by GM to beat Tesla to the punch and provide a long range EV that offered the ride and range desired on the market at a price that’s affordable for anyone who wants to own and EV.

It’s a great time for Chevrolet and the models they’re bringing to the market. Add on top of the SUVs and the Bolt the new Cruze hatchback and the fact there will be a Cruze offered with a diesel engine and the improvements made to the Colorado to offer us a ZR2 package that makes it more of an off road performer. Yes, Chevrolet has a ton of upgrades in store for the lineup and we’ll continue to see the models from the bowtie brand lead the way with the ride build and feel that we want to enjoy.

03.03.17 - Chevrolet Equinox

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