The New GMC Acadia is Up to the Task

The SUV market is exploding with new models at an alarming rate. The new 2017 GMC Acadia is significantly smaller than the outgoing models.  Of course, not every automaker is building dense machines that are made to be off road monsters and don’t bring in the fuel efficiency, some are finding ways to take out the weight and make smaller models to give these vehicles the ability to use the same small engines inside as the sedans and compact cars from the lineup.

GMC doesn’t have any compact cars or sedans in its lineup. Much like Jeep, GMC is built on offering trucks, SUVs and vans that ride on larger platforms while giving us the improved capability we want to enjoy. As this brand looks to continue on in the market, they have done the unexpected and created a smaller SUV for us to enjoy. The new 2017 GMC Acadia is significantly smaller than the outgoing models, but it still gives you everything you want in a vehicle that’s built to perform.

The new Acadia is 7.2 inches shorter, 3.5 inches narrower and offers a 6.4-inch shorter wheelbase than before. This has allowed the Acadia to lose nearly 700 pounds in the process of becoming what it is now. This weight loss was due mostly to the change in size, but the change to more high-strength steel and lighter soundproofing materials also helped to reduce the weight while continuing to give us what we expect from an SUV that is built as tough and as luxury as the Acadia. With these changes, the Acadia can actually use a four-cylinder engine and still feel like a capable SUV that’s easily up to the task.

While the Acadia has gotten smaller, the inside still feels strong and roomy when you step in. You can have the Acadia set up with three rows of seats, the third row being for temporary use because this is typically where your cargo is going to be placed when its folded down, but as a family vehicle, if one of your kids brings a friend along for the ride, either one of them can fit in that third row so that no one has to be left behind.

Under the hood the Acadia starts out with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that uses variable valve timing and makes 194 horsepower and 190 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine uses a six-speed automatic transmission for the performance you need. You can move up to the V6 engine and have even more power with 310 ponies and 271 lb.-ft. of twist to enjoy, making those times when you need to haul a trailer much easier for you to perform. This larger engine also benefits from having an improved six-speed automatic transmission to enjoy the ride and give you exactly what you need.

The interesting part of watching and reviewing this new Acadia will be the response it receives from those who have enjoyed the previous models. For the 2016 model the Acadia sold a little over 100,000 units which was a record for the SUV, hopefully the response will be similar with this new and lighter Acadia for 2017. In fact, with a smaller size and much better fuel mileage, the response might be even greater for this SUV than it was for the previous model, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. This is certainly an SUV you should take a look at from your nearby GMC dealer where you’ll be impressed with how this SUV can still get the job done for you.

02.13.17 - GMC Acadia

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