Record Year Capped Off by a Stellar December for Kia

When a car company hits the market in the US it takes time to get a strong foothold and be able to offer the variety of vehicles and powertrains needed to be an effective and successful company. For the entire US automotive industry 2015 was a record year that was only surpassed by 2016 for the number of vehicles sold. During this past year Kia was able to sell more vehicles than ever before, giving the brand a stellar sales year that was capped off by the final month push toward the finish line.

Kia has been a global brand for some time now and has been part of the US automotive market for many years. Once thought of as a discount brand, Kia has steadily grown and developed their vehicles to become one of the most admired brands offered. Typically when you purchase a Kia model you’re going to find more standard equipment than you normally would on other mainstream models. The vehicles that Kia offers have also developed to be attractive and fun to drive at a price that’s easy for most of us to afford and enjoy on the road.

The validation of the fact that Kia is a strong brand that continues to have the impressive performance needed is found in the recent success. For 2016 Kia sold 647,598 vehicles in the US which is an increase of 3.5 percent over the 2015 model year. This increase was record breaking considering the previous records that were set during the 2015 model year, and this impressive increase of sales for Kia was topped off by a strong push to the finish line with 54,353 models sold in December alone, making the highest total for December in the history of the company.

In order to have such impressive numbers, which meant the company sold more than 20,000 more vehicles in 2016 than in 2015, there were some standout models that carried the bulk of the sales success for the brand. There were four names that sold over 100,000 units each, the Soul, Optima, Sorento and Forte. This was partnered with the fact that the Soul earned the title as the best-selling Kia in the US. The Sportage, while not as impressive in sales, had its best ever year in regards to sales, bringing in a full fifty percent increase over 2015.

Even other models such as the Rio and Sedona experienced increases for Kia, giving them a lineup full of successful models that increased in sales numbers across the board. The Rio and Sedona both experienced double digit year over year sales improvements to make a healthy impact for the company. With all this positive growth there wasn’t a single model that was left out of the party. This growth has helped make it possible for Kia to bring us the new models for 2017 that we’re going to enjoy even more such as the Stinger and Stinger GT.

The overall feeling regarding the Kia brand is one of dependability and quality that come in at a tremendous price range for the brand. With the impressive sales offers that were present in December, Kia dealerships were busier than ever during the final month of the year to push the sales numbers over the top. Kia should continue to see positive growth over the next twelve months with the new models and impressive way this brand carries itself as leader in the industry. If you’ve been thinking about a new vehicle to drive, think Kia, this brand brings you some of the most impressive models to choose from and enjoy.

02.06.17 - Kia Optima

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