An Uneventful but Informational Detroit Show for Buick

Unfortunately the Detroit Auto Show was lacking a new Buick model this year. The brand didn’t even have a new concept vehicle to show off as it had last year with the gorgeous Avista concept coupe. Even though Buick didn’t bring us anything new for this show, they promise to have a new model for us to enjoy at the New York Auto Show which will take place in April. This new model is the new version of the Enclave which we may have already been shown glimpses of in Detroit, but not with the Buick skin.

A new Enclave is certainly needed because the current model has been on the market since 2008. This new model will be built in much the same way as the previous model, alongside the Chevrolet Traverse, which will also be brand new and was shown off at the Detroit Auto Show. This new Traverse gives us an idea of what we can expect the new Enclave to have as well, but with premium features added to the mix to make it truly a Buick model that we can know is built to be admired.

The Traverse showed off with new trim levels, a roomier cabin and a longer wheelbase to give us more of what we want. The infotainment system will now feature standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give us the ability to connect our smartphones seamlessly with our vehicles. So far, adding all of these items to the new Enclave sounds like a winning combination and one that we can easily get excited about and enjoy.

The new Traverse also showed up with two engine options, first there will be a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 255 horsepower while the larger 3.6-liter V6 will bring in 305 ponies for the ride. These two engines are expected to make use of the new nine-speed automatic transmission that’s been developed in partnership with Ford and both are expected to be offered with front and AWD variations.

While that seems like a good place to start, it’s not nearly enough information to tell us what the new Enclave will actually be. The expectation is the Buick will receive the premium features that can make it feel more like a luxury model than what the Traverse will feel like. This means we should expect to see more chrome trim on the outside, a plush interior and a quiet cabin, all signature features of what Buick loves to offer in their models.

For now it seems we will have to wait until the New York Auto Show to see what Buick has in store to impress us with the new Enclave. Considering the lack of anything exciting in Detroit, the pressure is on for Buick to show up and show off to give us a great show in New York in April. The fact that we already have an idea of the basics of the new Enclave; that’s just an added bonus for us.

01.27.17 - Buick Enclave

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