Give the Best Car Lover Gifts This Year

Its gift giving season and you want to make sure everyone on your list gets something special from you. When you’re planning to spend a little more and make sure the car lovers on your list will remember the gifts you give them, these are some of the items that will make their lives easier no matter whether they’re driving in a small Hyundai Accent sedan or a Dodge Challenger muscle car.  They’ll be sure to think of you every time they use them.

Scissor Lift – With this gift you’ll help those on your list stop the need to get under their vehicle on their back. With a vehicle lifted up those auto aficionados on your list can work on the underside of the vehicle without lying on their backs.

Portable Back Up Camera – Many of those who love to work on their vehicles may have older models that don’t come with a backup camera. Give them some added safety to help them see behind them with a portable camera system.

Ratcheting Wrenches – With this type of wrench you don’t have to continually change positions or readjust your wrench. You’ll be able to give the gift of tightening the bolts without the bulkier socket sets that might not make into the tight spaces under the hood.

Portable Battery Jump Starter – This will help the car lovers on your list make sure they don’t have to deal with dead batteries. Some of these are made to be tire pumps as well to give them a great way to know they’re prepared for the challenges of items failing them.

Code Reader – When the check engine light comes on many of the car experts want to fix it themselves, but they need a way to know what codes are being given and what they mean. A code reader will show you the code and then tell you what’s wrong with your engine.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – This is a great tool for anyone and helps give an accurate read of the tire pressure. For those on your list who love to race this is one of the most important items to take out to the track on those fun days of racing.

Helmet – If you have a daredevil or racer on your list you’ll want to help them stay safe and the right helmet will do the job. Make sure it meets or exceeds all new requirements in order to be a helmet that can be used at the track.

Driving Shoes – While these aren’t great for walking, they are perfect for driving and give the grip on the pedals needed to perform driving functions. This would be a great accessory to the helmet when you want to give a full package.

Cordless Impact Driver – One of these tools makes it much easier for you to put bolts and nuts in with the proper amount of torque to ensure the car enthusiast on your list can enjoy working on their vehicle more than ever.

GPS system – Help your car lover get where they need to go with a great mobile GPS that has been updated. One that can work on any vehicle and is weatherproof is great for those who own a motorcycle, boat or snowmobile as well.

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