It’s Time to Bring These Classics to the US

There are cars built every year that aren’t allowed to be imported to the US and typically those vehicles have to wait 25 years before they can be offered as a vehicle that we can bring over. We’d love to see these cars make their way across the oceans and to our world where we can easily admire their ability to perform and give us the equipment we want to have, even if it’s just to take them to car shows around the area. Here are vehicles from 1992 that we can now import to the US.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – While the Evo is a car that eventually was able to be offered on the market in newer models, this version from yesteryear wasn’t allowed. This is a car that was built to be rally ready and offered us the exciting drive we wanted to enjoy on the road and at the track. This is a car that’s perfect for the tuner market and will probably be imported heavily.

Alfa Romeo 155 – The 155 was a small, boxy and agile performer on the road that offers excitement and fun in the same form. If you import this car in its Q4 form it gives you a powertrain that is the same as the Lancia Delta Integrale and comes to you as a car that you’ll love to drive and show off to your friends and family now that you can bring it here.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth – The Ford Escort we had here in the states wasn’t exciting or fun, but functional. This version adds bot the fun and excitement to the car because it offers a challenger for the Lancer EV and the Celica GT-Four from Toyota. This car offers you the three door hatchback style and a large wing at the back to be a car you want to drive and enjoy.

Subaru Impreza WRX – This car is one that makes its way to our hearts ad a car that’s built for the family and for the drive. The WRX name alone lets you know you’ll be able to enjoy the ride and have the fun and form of a wagon like vehicle that’s built to be the performance machine you’ve been searching for. Let this car come to you and see exactly what you can love to enjoy.

Porsche 964 Carrera RS – While this was a 911 variant it wasn’t allowed in the US, but it is now. This car uses a 3.6-liter flat six-cylinder engine that produced 256 horsepower and was 360 pounds lighter than the Carrera 2. This car one that offers you the fun and look of a car that you’ll love to be able to pass along after you’ve had all the fun you want with it.

Honda NSX-R – This is where the Type R came from and it one of the most impressive sports cars that were ever built, but until now it wasn’t allowed in the US. This light and simple design makes a heady performer and one that’s a lot of fun for you to drive. You’ll love the look and the feel and the way it shows off with red seats.

Maserati Ghibli – The original Ghibli name was used on a coupe that could give you a fun ride that you’d love. Unfortunately we couldn’t have it in the US, but now we can and this car can be packed with a Biturbo engine design that’s impressive and easy to understand. This is a car you’ll love to drive around and find open places to let it loose.

BMW M5 Touring – The M5 Touring is a wagon form of the M5 that made it possible for families to have the ride they wanted with the power that was desired. You can enjoy the fun and function of this car on our roads now and show your family what driving is supposed to be like when you head out on a family holiday vacation.

Autozam AZ-1 – The gullwing door idea isn’t new and this car proves it. This is an odd little car that came from Mazda and offered you a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine while in a small body. This is a car that looks like a lot of fun and can give you all the driving enjoyment you want to have in order to show off on the road or at the car show.

12.19.16 - Autozam AZ-1

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