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All around the world there are organizations that are dedicated to helping those injured in battle to be able to rehabilitate their bodies and continue to be productive in society. Unfortunately those who have lost an arm or a leg often avoid the challenges of driving because of the lack of an appendage but Mission Motorsports is doing something to help these vets. They are teaching these veterans get back behind the wheel and teaching them new skills so they can feel they are still able to contribute to society in some way.

Many servicemen and women are fairly young and being in the service of any country may be their first and only job they’ve ever had. This means the only formal training they ever received was for the military job they held. Being injured in battle and brought home only to be told they could no longer perform the only job they’d been trained for can leave them feeling helpless, depressed, scared and worthless. Mission Motorsports works hard to help show these vets they can still do something and can learn a new skill by teaching them how to drive fast, drift and perform precision moves.

This organization isn’t just about the driving, they teach veterans to become mechanics, to design cars along with how to drive them. Many of the instructors of Mission Motorsports are injured vets themselves who may have a missing hand, leg or arm but still find a way to drive, to build, to fix and to live life to the fullest. This is the most important part of the mission at this organization; teaching these vets they still have a purpose in life and need to get back in the workforce and prove they can do things they never thought possible.

The job training offered at Mission Motorsports allows those who participate in its programs to enjoy the job training that could lead them to being a great service mechanic or a stunt driver. These programs have the ability to certify these vets in their chose motorsports career and then Mission helps them find the right job for them to make sure they’re able to secure the employment needed to contribute to society in a positive manner. This certainly sounds a lot better than sitting on a couch somewhere feeling sorry for themselves when they have so much more to offer.

One of the greatest benefits the participants receive is the confidence to take on challenges in their lives and find what they’re passionate about. Not everyone who has gone through the Mission Motorsports program is in the automotive industry, but they can find connections and confidence with this amazing program. Not only can they gain the realization they can learn new skills and have the confidence to drive a car to the edge of danger and back, but they gain the drive and passion they had when they entered the military before their injuries which is a priceless gift from this amazing organization.

12.07.16 - Mission Motorsports

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