Audi Shows up in Paris

The Audi Q5 is the midsize crossover SUV that we’ve enjoyed having on the market for the past several years. This SUV is one that brings a look and feel to the lineup that fits more of our driving needs than most in its class. As the 2016 Paris Motor Show is now put behind us we can take a look at and discuss the exciting success this show was and see that the Q5 that will be part of our lineup in the near future has been redesigned to give us more of what we want from our luxury SUV.

The new look of the Q5, as you can see from this First Look video, shows us that Audi is capable of adding size to the vehicle to give you more room to move around and carry cargo while shaving nearly 200 pounds off the weight. This makes for a more nimble vehicle on the road even though it’s larger than before. This model will make its way to the European market for the 2017 model year and will be offered in time for the same model year in the US.

This new model will have a variety of engines under the hood starting with a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that will bring you 252 horsepower and moving up to the diesel 3.0-liter V6 that offers 286 horsepower. Considering the Volkswagen diesel scandal that involved the 3.0-liter engine I wouldn’t expect that engine to make its way to the US, but the idea is to have several engines for you to be able to have a great choice to make when you purchase the Q5. Of course you can expect to find a smooth shifting transmission as an included feature to give you a vehicle that’s easy to enjoy on the road.

The new Q5 will benefit from the optional Audi Virtual Cockpit which will have a 12.3-inch display in replace of the traditional instrument cluster and screens in front of the driver. The cargo space is increased by nearly half a cubic foot which allows you to be able to enjoy taking along a few more items than you were able to before. As you would expect as well, the Q5 will offer the benefit of the Quattro AWD to give you the added control you want in a vehicle that can be driven from all four wheels and offers the exceptional ride Audi is proud to offers on their models.

As with most brands, it’s important to build vehicles closer to the largest target market and this new Q5 will be built in the new Audi plant in Mexico. That makes the US market the largest market for the Q5 and with the weight savings; the powerful but efficient engine that will be under the hood and the smooth shifting this will be an SUV that you’ll continue to love to drive. Couple these items with an already impressive interior and the Audi Q5 carries on as the vehicle for 2017 that makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of even the most mundane of errands each week.

11.10.16 - 2017 Audi Q5

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