Cars that have Serious Style Value

We’ve seen commercials from Chevrolet where they take all the badges off a vehicle and show it to a group who try and guess what the car is. Typically they guess luxury car names that might fit the bill and are genuinely surprised to learn the car is a Chevrolet, at least that’s the message which is portrayed. Of course Chevrolet isn’t the only brand that offers cars that look great and come at prices that are more affordable than you would expect. Here is a group of cars that offer you some alluring style and are listed at prices that you’ll be surprised by.

Honda CivicThe Civic has always been a car that was attractive with a sporty appearance, but for some reason that last generation didn’t quite fit in as well as the ones before it. Thankfully Honda went back to offering the style we want to see with attractive qualities that give you a car that you want to drive. With a starting price of $18,640, this is a car you can love.

Chevrolet ColoradoA truck is a truck, right? Wrong. The Colorado boasts some impressive style in a midsized truck that is rugged and handsome to give you the truck you want to drive on any outdoor adventure. Not only does this truck look great, it’s also highly capable of giving you everything you need and starts out at $20,995.

Jeep CompassThe new and redesigned Jeep Compass gives you some of the signature Jeep characteristics with a modern flair. This great looking SUV is one that certainly appears to be in a much higher class with bold lines and a wide stance that makes it feel more like an active vehicle than one that’s near the lower end of the Jeep lineup at $23,000 to start.

Ford MustangThe Mustang is highly recognizable and if you already know the pricing of this sports car than you’re cheating. At a little under $25,000 it has the style and look that make it feel like it could easily be a sports car from a luxury brand. Ford took pleasure in giving this car plenty of appeal with spoilers and chrome wheels, all while keeping the price affordable.

Toyota PriusIf the badges were removed from this car you’d probably think this polarizing style was part of the Lexus lineup, but it actually is from the parent company and comes to you at less than $25,000 with these great looks. The lights really give the Prius the finishing touches with LEDs and stunning and dynamic designs that just make you want to drive this car.

Fiat 124 Spider$24,995 is hardly a high price to pay for a car that offer you the Italian look of a roadster that has everything you want in it. This little car is the perfect stablemate to help the Fiat lineup have more credibility than ever and gives you a fun to drive and great to look at car that carries the torch perfectly.

Chrysler Pacificathe newest minivan on the market doesn’t come in without making a serious style statement. While there’s not a lot you can do to upgrade a minivan, this one has a front end that keeps you staring and on the inside you have more equipment than you would imagine a vehicle like this to ever have. The starting price of $28,995 makes this a value purchase for you.

Infiniti QX30Not only does this small SUV have us confused about where to put it in the lineup, at $29,950 it has the looks that will keep you finding new things to stare at. There are lines all over this vehicle and with the impressive ride height this SUV is one that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of owning and SUV while driving a vehicle that feels a lot like a sedan.

Kia CadenzaAs the most expensive vehicle on our list, the Cadenza is extremely close to being a luxury car in its own right, but only asks you to pay $32,000 to start with. This car has clean lines, a gorgeous silhouette and offers a drive that will make you feel alive. The Cadenza is a car that offers you LED lights in the headlight area that are shaped as if Zorro carved them out for you.

11.03.16 - 2017 Fiat 124 Spider

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