Design Controversies of Popular Car Models

When a new generation of a car models comes about the car companies need to redesign their vehicles to be different than before. This is when car companies attempt to address any issues that came up with the previous version, add the latest in modern technology and offer something that’s expected to make the car better. Some of the best redesigns we’ve seen in recent years have turned into hugely successful models while others that have been redesigned have become failures with the new versions of the car. Here are some of the most recent new designs that have been or can be considered controversial.

Mazda MX-5 Miata – The first and second generations of the Miata were instant hits in the market and gave us a roadster that we could once again appreciate and enjoy. Unfortunately the third generation wasn’t as successful, which caused Mazda to redesign this car from the ground up for the newest fourth generation which seems to be the perfect car to drive.

Toyota CorollaThe Corolla was never an exciting car to drive, it was relegated and sold as a great commuter car, which it happily has been for several generations. Recently the redesign of the Corolla has given it some seriously aggressive styling to be attractive and exciting, but this has been a polarizing change which seems to give us something more in the Corolla than we ever had before.

Subaru WRX STI – The previous generation of this sport active car was less than exciting to look at. All the excitement and enjoyment was inside the vehicle and under the hood, which was a departure from what this car had been before that generation. Thankfully the WRX STI has come back around with aggressive style to be a fantastic looking vehicle again.

Toyota Prius – The new Prius is a huge departure from what it used to be, a wedge on wheels. This car offers the aggressive style that looks perfect on the road and offers an interesting view at every angle. Those who don’t like this aggressive look of the new Prius can look to the Prius Prim for a design that is reeled back just a bit, but still looks much better than the older models.

Jeep Cherokee – This is one of the biggest departures from tradition on the market today. The Jeep Cherokee used to look similar to other Jeep models but this new one offers slanted headlights and the look that makes it appear to take on the style that’s similar to many of the other SUVs on the market. This is a different look that most Jeep lovers aren’t sure how to react to the vehicle.

BMW M3/M4 – The looks of these two are more traditional than anything else we’ve discussed, but design changes and improvements aren’t limited to the looks, but can also be affected by performance in a vehicle. BMW dropped the V8 engine from these two to replace it with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that was lighter and offered massive power and performance.

Porsche 911 – Even though most feel the Porsche 911 hasn’t changed at all over half a century, this car was a lot different during the 996 generation. This was when the car used a water-cooled engine and turned loose the wide variety of models that the new 911 would offer, which would be a full sixteen different models of the car.

Lexus RX – After it took us a couple years to figure out what to call what is now known as the spindle grill, Lexus went about changing some of their design cues in much the same way as Toyota did with the upgrades added to the Lexus RX which included a large number of sharp lines and folds in the front end that give this SUV a seriously polarizing look.

BMW 7 Series – Early at the turn of the century this car was mired with a rear end that looked like it had simply been placed on it with no real design in mind. You expected to have a much more intricate design in the flagship model from BMW, but Chris Bangle penned what became known as the “Bangle Butt” for this car which was awful and thankfully changed soon after.

Chevrolet Cruze – The Cruze was a bit mundane in its previous appearance, but now this car is exciting and perfect for you to drive. With more lines and angles from the front to the rear of the car the new Cruze is a beautiful example of what design should look like, giving us a car that’s perfect for you to love.

11.01.16 - 2001 BMW 7 Series

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