Paris, Honda Made an Appearance

Paris is where we see the latest concepts that might become the next production models on our roads to drive. Honda has been promising a new Civic Type R in the US for the past several months for us to drive and decided the Paris Motor Show was a great place to show off this new car in concept form so that we can see exactly what this car will offer us when it does come across to our streets. What was shown at the Paris Motor Show might not be the final production version we’ll have, but it could very well be extremely close.

What we see on this new concept model that certainly appears to be production ready is a new body kit that will make the new Civic Type R look aggressive and give you large fenders, air intakes, a large rear wing, a carbon fiber diffuser and a three port exhaust that’s centrally mounted in the rear. These features all make the Civic Type R look like the small sports car that you want to drive and will go a long way toward bringing back the Civic reputation of the affordable and fun to drive sports car that we look for.

We already have been told what this car will have under the hood. It will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which sounds a bit “yawn” boring, but when you add turbocharging and the fact that it can produce a full 306 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque you know this is an engine that can get the job done and with a small car like the Civic, you’ll have a great ride in a car that’s easy to love on any road. What’s really interesting about this engine is the fact the numbers are expected to increase before the car reaches our shores.

As for the rest of the mechanics, the transmission will be a six-speed manual and the car will be set up in FWD as a standard setup, but could be offered with AWD and possibly an automatic transmission as well. The brakes, steering, suspension and tires are all upgraded for the Civic Type R to balance out the fact that this is a great little sports car for you to drive and one that will excite you whenever you go out on the road and enjoy the drive.

With the new 2018 Civic Type R this will be one of the first times in history that we’ve been able to purchase as car before those in Europe. Honda has taken back the Civic reputation as being a car that tuners and weekend racers have wanted in the past and added their own features to make the Type R into a model that will be perfect for anyone looking for a great ride in a car that’s built for fun and for driving excitement. Is this the car for you? This video might help you decide, and if it is, you only have to wait until next year for the new 2018 model to hit the dealerships to make it yours.

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