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Whether you’re old enough to remember the Transformers cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s or you’re a huge fan of the most recent Michael Bay movies with the massive CGI transforming robots, or both, the idea of vehicles transforming from cars, trucks, planes or other electronic devices into a robot of destruction or protection is something we’ve all enjoyed and wanted to see. During the movies it’s easy to see the way the vehicles transform and they do so in such intricate ways you might wonder if that would ever actually be a possibility.

When it comes to our vehicles we don’t really want them to suddenly transform, it would be scary and probably bring about several different reactions, like it did in the first movie that was made, but the idea of purposely making a car that could transform into a robot would be pretty cool. Until now it seems that no one has attempted this feat, but one company has built a car that can now transform from a car to a robot for us to allow our imagination to run wild and see if we want to move forward and make more of these robot cars or just admire the one they’ve built.

Letvision, a Turkish company, has taken a BMW coupe and made it capable of transforming from a mild mannered luxury coupe into a robot that’s ready to protect the world from the onslaught of the Decepticons. It has to be an Autobot since it’s a car with four wheels and that’s how the story began, but as you can see from this video this car doesn’t transform in the same way the CGI robots did in the movies or the drawn cartoons were able to in the 1980s, but this is still really cool.

The car was on display as a “Letrons” prototype and is drivable and transformable. The driving part is only able to take place via remote control because the controls to transform the car don’t leave room for a passenger to ride inside. It probably wouldn’t be safe for a passenger to be inside this vehicle either, but the car can drive forward and backward and turns using the remote control, which is the start of making this a reality and helps us see what the next step toward actually creating a functioning robot out of a vehicle.

The best part is when this car begins to transform, although it’s extremely slow, the doors come out to create arms and the car lifts up from the front with the front fascia becoming the chest area and the hood lifting to reveal the head of the robot. Arms come out from under the doors and even the fingers are able to work individually. While this isn’t anywhere as intricate a transformation as we’ve seen in the movies, this is an actual working transformer that is the result of many hours of hard work to create a life sized toy from a BMW coupe.

10.14.16 - Transformers Movie

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