Boat, When You Need One

While most of us would never expect to be able to use our cars as boats there is one car that is reportedly able to handle the job of being a boat for a short period of time. I’m not sure if you really want to turn this car into a boat consider the amount of money you have to pay for it, but it’s nice to know you could use this car as a boat if needed.

The car in question is the Tesla Model S which will not turn into a submarine but it will work as a boat in a pinch. The Model S is able to float and continue to move using the wheel rotation as the thrust system for the car. When you need to travel across a road that is covered by water typically the water won’t be up high enough to cause you to lift off the road and float, but if that does happen you can find that the car will be able to handle the job.

Why does the Tesla Model S make a great choice for travel on water for a short period of time? The difference is in the type of propulsion system used by the Model S. Because this car is run on a closed electric system and doesn’t need air to feed the engine this car is able to float. Vehicles that run on gasoline require air to feed the engine and drive but the Model S doesn’t. This makes it a vehicle that can actually float and drive where it needs to and can even navigate across water that has come in your way with the wheels to drive the car.

Even though the Tesla Model S can achieve this feet of floatation and propulsion it’s not recommended that you take the Model S out on a fishing trip or try and navigate across the ocean. The Model S is capable of floating, but it’s not recommended because it hasn’t been tested as of yet to show us how the car can actually handle floating on a lake, on the river or on any other body of water. Not only has it not been tested, because no one would have ever thought it should be done, but the Model S isn’t covered under warranty to be used as a boat.

It is comforting to know if you are able to make use of the Model S in high water when you must cross a low lying area to get home or find your way to your destination. The Model S may not be the rescue vehicle you expect since it is a luxury model that offers some of the best technology on the market but if you absolutely must get across the water, the Model S can actually get the job done.

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