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Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to turn loops, jump over bridges and even ride underwater in a car? It would be if you knew you were going to survive the experience, but for most of us the craziness of trying to accomplish these feats is limited to only the toy cars made with the Hot Wheels stamp on them. This brand of play cars is the most popular in the world as race cars and cool theme cars. You can find cars of the future from Hot Wheels or those that came from many days gone by.

In addition to offering us tons of great cars for our kids and for those of us who simply chose not to grow up to play with, Hot Wheels has a ton of track sets that can give us some of the most imaginative ways to play with these cars. They have some that will climb the wall in a death-defying vertical, others that run massive loops, and still some that make jumps and crashes that look insane. The only thing missing from the fun of these cars is the perspective of the car.

Now we have a look at what it would be like to ride on the famous orange Hot Wheels track as the 5 Mad Movie Makers put together a video that shows us the scene from a tiny GoPro camera that gives us the perspective we’ve been missing. This way we can enjoy the fun of driving along the track with the car and see where it goes and what it’s able to do. The scene was shot using more than 200 feet of track, but as you take this journey with the Hot Wheels car you’ll see that it seems like a lot more than just 200 feet.

Follow the car along as it runs over a variety of obstacles that the team at 5MMM has set up under the track. Enjoy the sounds of the wheels running along the track and the different scenes offered. You see the car make its way not only across several yards where I certainly hope the team received permission to set up and then even into a swimming pool where it didn’t stop, but dove to the bottom and through a tunnel. Enjoy the loop and the jump and then the final ending where the car stops at a site with several other Hot Wheels cars that appear to have already made the journey. This is one of the most fun videos I’ve seen in a while.

09.16.16 - Hot Wheels

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