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LeEco is formerly known as LeTV and is a Chinese company that has grown from the technology boom we currently enjoy. This company is best known for TVs, smartphones and streaming services but has decided it’s time to enter into automotive industry. With their interest extending into this area LeEco will enter the market in a way that allows us to know they are mostly interested in working with companies that will build electric or hybrid cars. What companies could a Chinese conglomerate get involved with that would need the investment from them and be able to offer something special to the market?

The two that LeEco have already started to partner with are Faraday Future, which is an electric car startup that hasn’t yet given us a production model has shown us a supercar prototype and what looks to be the possibility of an SUV, and Aston Martin. Why would LeEco want to partner with Aston Martin, a company known for high power, massive engines and lots of noise, because Aston Martin is working on an all-electric version of the Rapide sedan which would become a green car of the highest level when its actually sent to production.

So far as you see, LeEco simply will be investors in these two companies, but in an effort to put their own name out there for the rest of the world to see and in that spirit they are already working on their own version of an electric vehicle for us to enjoy. Not only will this car be electrically powered, but it will be an autonomous car, and was shown in concept form at the Beijing Auto Show back April. This is to be a car that will have much of the same build promised by Faraday Future and be called the LeSEE with is expected to become a fleet of autonomous ride sharing vehicles.

The LeSEE that will offer a ton of great technology for you to enjoy that includes things such as rear seats that mold to the shape of the passenger’s body. This is expected to be done by using facial recognition software and self-learning tech. This is a feature that will be extremely impressive when it does come to fruition, but for now this will not make its way into the LeSEE as LeEco prepares for the first run of the production model.

There are expected to be a wide variety of digital screens to interact with inside the car and the autonomous driving will eventually be the best we have seen on the market thus far. The LeSEE will be a car that can be used for carpooling and offer a great deal of conveniences that you don’t get in other cars right now. Will LeEco end up competing with itself? Probably not, but the different types of technology that are expected to come into the LeSEE will be perfect for electric taxis and getting around in many of the large cities of the world.

06.22.16 - LeEco LeSEE

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