How Does Tire Pressure Affect Your Driving?

In a car where you want to obtain the best fuel mileage possible and have your tires wear evenly you need to make sure your tire pressure is properly maintained. This is extremely important for high performance vehicles in order for every system of the car to be able to operate effectively. Thankfully many cars now come with gauges in the tires to let you know if the pressure is getting too low, but if you wait until the warning lights and sounds alert you then you have waited too long and could end up with damaged tires and poor fuel mileage.

What tire pressure gauge do you use to make sure your tire pressure is at the proper level? If you use one that looks like a pen you are on the right track, especially if you are in the habit of checking your tires at least on a monthly basis, but you need to invest in a much better tire pressure gauge in order to have accurate readings every time you check your tires. The old pen style reader will give you good readings some of the time, but after a few months these typically begin to get stuck and give you inaccurate readings.

There are now electronic tire pressure gauges for you to make use of in order to have your tire pressure reading be accurate to within a tenth of a pound per square inch if pressure. These new gauges are digital and can be read at night to be accurate and able to give you the information you need. One of the most popular models is the TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge which has a light and digital screen to show you the reading. This gauge sells for only $9 on Amazon, making it an inexpensive way to have the information you need.

There are some tools you can use that will not only give you a readout for your tire pressure but you can also inflate your tires by using the power port in your vehicle. This can be done by using an automatic pump that will shut off when you reach the desired tire pressure. One such item that is a great tool to keep in the car with you for this purpose is the Slime 40022 12-Volot Digital Tire Inflator which you can plug into your 12-Volt port and have your tires inflated to the desired pressure as long as it’s not above 35 PSI. This item comes at a cost of only $28 on Amazon.

Tires are important and we don’t talk about how important tires are on vehicles but without them we can’t drive the way we want to. Take good care of your tires, have the right tools in the car with you and enjoy many miles of awesome driving with the fuel mileage, even tread wear and right performance of every system on the car to make sure you can have the driving experience you want to enjoy.

04.09.16 - Checking Tire Pressure

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