Future Looks Right For Aston Martin

The good and bad of being a future boutique brand is if you don’t keep your current customers interested they won’t come back. That is especially true when the prices are as high as Aston Martin asks for and the competition in the market comes from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and other brands with similar cache. Along with the ability to keep current clients coming back is the importance of attracting new ones to the brand to buy their first Aston Martin vehicle and enjoy the beauty and sophistication that comes with being the brand chosen for the top secret agent in Britain.

Recently the CEO, Andy Palmer announced that the successful expansion of the company will be based in three areas to help make sure they continue to offer models that will work great for the brand and give us new vehicles to keep our interest. While the idea to keep their high-end clientele interested and wanting more is firmly seated in continuing to make the Vulcan or the One-77 and other special vehicles the mainstream clients need a different approach. This will come as a complete overhaul of their lineup to give us the vehicles we want from Aston Martin.

The three pillars of the brand improvement and continued growth Aston Martin will use will be sports cars, sedans and SUVs. That certainly should make perfect sense considering how this is where the brand should be focused. The sports car lineup will include then new DB11 which replaces the outgoing DB9 and the new Vantage and Vanquish which are two of the oldest models on the market today and both may gain new names, but will more than likely just enjoy some great improvements in order to be the models we know and trust.

When it comes to the sedans there aren’t as many to choose from but there will be two that should be excellent choices. First the Rapide will need to be replaced and the Lagonda may become a new model sedan that looks great and gives us what we want from Aston Martin. There could also be an EV in the future, but only if Aston Martin can develop and EV that will gain the same or better range as a gasoline powered vehicle this may take a few years before we see a third sedan, but because this is the future plan there is no reason it couldn’t eventually work.

Finally, the SUV area of Aston Martin will bring us the most question. First they will need to have a model that can rival the Bentley Bentayga which could very well be a production version of the DBX crossover concept which has displayed a possible beauty and sophistication that could be exactly what Aston Martin needs to showcase in an SUV. This could lead to more SUVs from the Aston Martin lineup which could expand beyond seven vehicles to a full nine or ten and beyond. The plan is called the “Second Century Plan” and is how Aston Martin plans to continue for even greater success.

03.12.16 - 2017 Aston Martin DB11

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