Lexus LS has Manners

Driving manners in a car is understood as how well the car performs on the road and the way it gives you livable feedback.  When a car allows your children to fall asleep in the backseat and stay asleep you can certainly say the car has good manners.  When you have the quiet cabin and a smooth ride from a car that makes it easier for you to enjoy the ride in a bit of an escape from the world around the car also has good manners.  The Lexus LS is certainly a large luxury sedan that offers good manners and competes against any of the largest luxury sedans on the road today.

Not only do you receive an outstanding large luxury sedan with the Lexus LS but you have a car that shows you want the best you can get.  There is no reason to compromise with this car which offers the height of luxury for you; instead you will have all the features and equipment you want.  For 2016 the LS shows up with only minimal changes, which includes the full map display on the multimedia system, updated graphics, a shortcut menu on the side of the screen and improved voice recognition.  There are also two new colors for you to choose on the LS; Eminent White Pearl and Atomic Silver.

Speaking of the features of this car, the standard equipment is plentiful enough to give you a full luxury experience.  This menu of items includes 18-inch wheels with hollow spokes, power door closers, grain-matched wood trim, a 12.3 inch display screen, a TFT color multi-information display, rear seat vanity mirrors, parking sensors, a rearview camera, a power tilt and slide moonroof and a navigation system with a wide variety of great features to make your driving much easier to enjoy.

Of course you can upgrade the LS by adding some of the optional equipment to the mix.  This list includes the 19-speaker Mark Levinson Surround Sound system, the Ultra Luxury Package, the Adaptive Variable Air Suspension Package, the Comfort Package and the Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara Upgrade Package.  Adding the safety and driver information systems includes adding adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, pre-collision warning systems and much more.  These packages and features add a huge amount of great features to this already amazingly luxurious sedan that is made to pamper you and your passengers.

Your next question may be to learn how much all of this will cost you.  The base model, the LS 460 in the standard wheelbase starts out at $73,500 with the long wheelbase of the LS 460 L will begin at $80,000.  Adding AWD will increase the price by $3,000 for the standard model and $4,000 for the L.  There is a hybrid version of the LS that shows up in the LS 600h L to cost you a little more than $121,000 to start, making this a pricy and feature filled sedan for you to have as the car that shows off your success and ability to have it all for your driving.

The Lexus LS shows up with two engines that are set up three different ways to give you the power you need.  The base engine for this awesome luxury car is a 4.6-liter V8 engine that requires premium fuel, as all the engines for this car do, and gives you 386 horsepower and 367 lb.-ft. of torque.  This is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission and set up in RWD to return 16 city/24 hwy mpg to you for a smooth ride.

If you opt to set up the base model in the AWD format you use the same engine but the horsepower drops to 360 and the torque to 347 lb.-ft.   This version also brings in fuel mileage of 16 city/23 hwy mpg to dip just a little.  Moving up to the hybrid format you see a 5.0-liter V8 engine that is partnered by an electric motor/generator.  The engine along gives you 389 horsepower and 385 lb.-ft. of torque with the total power output of the combination shows up at 438 horsepower and this powertrain is only built with full-time AWD.  The transmission for this model is an electronically controlled CVT to return 19 city/23 hwy mpg to you.

When you see the Lexus LS it is quite obvious that you are in the presence of greatness.  This car shows the signature styling of the spindle grill and offers an imposing physique.  With a long hood to house the large engines, LED headlights up front and a sophistication that stands out in any crowd this is a car you know, before you even open the door, you will have an amazing ride and enjoy the height of class when this car is the choice you make.

Open the door and step inside to really understand what this car is from every aspect.  The smooth, buttery leather on the seats, the sharp designs of the dash that is bathed in the right materials and the beautiful wood and metal trims will keep you attention and let you know the car is a pure luxury machine.  The control features present include several high end and high class items for you to enjoy the ride from every aspect of the LS.  You might find your passengers are fighting to be in the rear seat as there is plenty of space in the area along with the pampering feeling of the ride and the seats.

When you drive this car you will feel more like you are gliding than driving.  The steering is perfect and the suspension handles every road abrasion with ease.  The interior of the cabin is quiet enough for you to allow passengers to sleep or to listen to the musical choices you want to enjoy.  If you do want to see what this car can do, find an open road and let it loose, the LS will show off and give you an amazing drive to make the ride exciting, letting you have everything you want in a car.  If it’s time for you to move into the height of luxury, the Lexus LS is one that will be perfect for you have the best and most luxurious ride ever.

12.24.15 - 2016 Lexus LS

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