Choice, What is the Right One?

Sometimes the choice isn’t entirely our own, but a product of our circumstances and environment.  Such is the case of buying a vehicle for many of us.  Most people in the world can’t just order up any car they choose and want to get the most for their money.  This means shopping around, looking at a variety of features, hopefully performing several test drives and eventually picking the right car.  Many times it comes down to financing, the monthly payment and the actual safety and gas mileage of the car.  All of this is somewhat boring, but a product of our environment.

For a lucky few, the choice of what car to buy is not as difficult.  They can call up a dealer who will basically deliver to them exactly what they want from some of the most exclusive exotic car manufacturers in the world.  How else to you justify the production of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta?  It’s a car that truly invokes the opulent and reminds us that the owner is able to afford pretty much whatever they want in life while the rest of us scrape by and try and figure it out.

Another amazing car that is not quite on the same level in regards to price is the Tesla P85D.  It’s pricy enough, but certainly more affordable and much more sensible than the Ferrari.  We have seen stories and videos showing off the power of cars such as the Dodge Hellcat against a Tesla P85D, which embarrassed the Hellcat.  The reason for the embarrassment was simply these two were not evenly matched, one offers instant power from the EV motors and the other takes a bit of time revving up and getting up to speed, although that really cannot be an excuse.  What happens if the competition is a bit more evenly matched by using an EV Ferrari such as the F12 Berlinetta?

What happens in this case is the two cars are pitted against each other, one with 691 horsepower (the Tesla) and one with 730 horsepower (the Ferrari).  When it comes to testing the sheer power (the same test the Hellcat was embarrassed in) the Ferrari came out on top for the quarter mile sprint.  The F12 completed the run in 10.893 seconds at 132.5 mph while the P85D was able to finish in 11.6 seconds at 115 mph.  Certainly no slouch it’s obvious the F12 was the better of the two.

As far as choices are concerned, the F12 is nearly four times that of the P85D and the Tesla model carries three times as many people.  Does this make the test a fair fight?  Maybe not, but it’s certainly interesting to discuss.  What car would you choose; if you can buy the Ferrari, always buy the Ferrari, but if the Tesla is on your radar you certainly will be pleased with its power and performance, it nearly kept up with one of the fastest super cars on the planet; that is nothing to sneeze at.

Tesla P85D

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