Chevrolet is Charging and Cooling to Keep You Connected

Active Phone Cooling

Don’t you hate fumbling around with wires in your car in order to get your smartphone charged?  If you have a car that doesn’t have its own GPS you probably use the system on your phone to navigate, which can quickly drain your battery as well as easily overheat your phone.  Someone certainly needs to fix this problem and allow you to keep your phone cool while charging to maximize your connectivity and allow you to enjoy a greater experience from your car.  Chevrolet hears the cries and has developed the technology to give you what you need.

Not only do GM vehicles now have the 4G LTE Wi-Fi through the OnStar system, but they also now can come with what is called “Active Phone Cooling”.  This feature is much simpler than it sounds and is made to help you keep your phone cool.  For those who have a smartphone that supports wireless charging, this has also been built into the system to allow you to wirelessly charge your phone while at the same time keeping it cool.  Even if your phone doesn’t support the wireless charging, you can enjoy the cooling of this system.

It’s really very simple how this system works. A small pocket in the dashboard allows you to put your phone on the charger and feeds air conditioning into the area through the in car AC in order to help keep your phone cool.  For some it may seem this system is overkill but in reality it takes up very little space, space you weren’t using before and makes the best use of dashboard area the is dead behind it.  Having this in your new Chevrolet will certainly help you in ways you might not realize at first, but certainly will appreciate as you get to know your new car.

It’s no secret that heat is bad for the battery of your phone.  Wireless charging actually puts off a lot of heat that is wasted in transfer and creates a scenario where your phone battery might not las as long as it should.  Having a cooling system in the same space as the charging system not only creates a feature that will help your battery last longer, but gives you a way to keep your phone charged so you can enjoy the benefits of a fully charged and nice cool phone whenever you step out of your vehicle.

This new “Active Phone Cooling” system will be in place on several Chevrolet models for the 2106 model year.  This will include the Malibu, Volt, Cruze, Impala and a few others.  As simple and cool as this feature is, there is no doubt it will soon show up in a wide variety of vehicles from various automakers that want to include the next technology in their vehicles.  This marks the second time in recent years Chevrolet (or at least GM) has led the charge in connectivity for the auto world.

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