The Lexus LX 570, an Interesting Beast of Burden

2015 Lexus LX 570 Exterior

The original “beast of burden” of course was donkey and later the mule when we figured out how to cross bread a horse and a donkey. For large SUV lovers a true beast shows up in the form of the Lexus LX 570 which is a huge SUV that needs some explaining. As a model that was more common to the Arab nations, the LX 570 shows up as an SUV that comes in the form needed to be not only full of luxury features to enjoy, but also do the work on many farms and ranches in the area. Because the LX 570 is considered to be an inexpensive model, many of the more wealthy in the area won’t buy them, opting instead for Land Rover vehicles, but this big Lexus can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants and needs a large SUV to help them get the job done.

Because the LX 570 is so large it is the perfect vehicle for eight people to ride in and have a great time, thankfully not offering a small third row, but rather a full size seating area where actual adults can sit and stretch out a bit. With the solid axles, this car shows up in the same class as the Mercedes-G-Wagen, Jeep Wrangler and Ram Power Wagon giving it a solid base and a way for the vehicle to offer a great deal of awesome power that is needed when your curb weight is as great as this one that comes in over three full tons. The LX 570 shows up with such a small market that Lexus claims they are practically hand built, good news for those who order this behemoth and want to enjoy an awesome drive in a large beast of a vehicle.

As a luxury model the LX 570 has to offer something others don’t for you to fully enjoy it , the overdone features of this large SUV make you think Lexus was looking for places to put everything it wanted and then found there was even more room to add more to the vehicle for many to fully enjoy. One good example of these added features that maybe were just fillers is the tire pressure monitoring system which tells you the pressure of all the tires, including the spare. Another great feature, but not one that is overdone is the self-leveling hydraulic suspension which is highly sophisticated and makes it much easier for this 6.109 pound beast to take on a corner and easily handle it with confidence.

What is the big difference between this model and its Toyota twin the Land Cruiser, one major difference is the large hydraulic dampers that appear to be two large green spheres that are protected by anti-roll bars and give the vehicle a softer feeling with these massive cushions in place. This gives anyone riding along in the LX 570 the feeling of riding along with a pillow underneath the vehicle to handle the road defects and changes in wheel elevation when off road.

When you select the Lexus over the Toyota model, even though they are basically built the same, you receive better leather, nicer wood and a better navigation unit to enjoy. When seated inside the LX 570 you will see that you have five modes of Multi-Terrain Selections to choose from: Rock, Rock and Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock and Mud and Sand. There is also a crawl mode that you can use in the four-low setting making it better to crawl along rocks, sand and some deep inclines and declines. This vehicle can handle such a long decent that you have to be familiar with the RSCA Off button which controls the side curtain airbags that deploy when the SUV rolls over. Using this button allows you to let the vehicle know you haven’t actually rolled over, but instead are simply dealing with a decline.

With such a large vehicle we must at least discuss the engine offerings for a minute. The engine that is offered for this large monster is a huge 5.7-liter V8 that gives up 383 horsepower and 403 lb.-ft. of torque. When you plan long off road or on road trips in this SUV you need to ensure you plan for plenty of fuel stops as the fuel mileage shows up at 12 city/17 hwy mpg. This SUV also can carry as much as 24 gallons of fuel at a time, giving you a decent amount of range in this monstrosity.

Even though the LX 570 may not seem like the right choice when looking along the luxury SUV models, it is one of the largest SUVs on the road today. When you are in need of a vehicle of this size and capability you know the price will show up over the $85,000 range, but that is to be expected and an equally equipped Land Rover or Mercedes vehicle are much more expensive. The LX 570 is one highly capable and functional vehicles on the road today and gives you a great reason to enjoy driving one of these big beasts when you have a job that needs done or need to be able to have a high performing off road SUV.

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