2016 Acura MDX: A Dominant Luxury Crossover SUV

2016 Acura MDX

Whether it was blind luck, a great deal of research, or simply the right mind coming together at the right time, the Acura MDX shows up in the crossover SUV market as an SUV that does everything well. This SUV is agile, fun, full of awesome equipment and is extremely comfortable. In the luxury SUV market all of this is somewhat expected, but when it all comes together in the MDX it seems like magic happens as it is driven down the road. I know we are barely into the 2015 model year, but the 2016’s are starting to show up ready to take over where the 2015 leave off.

What does it cost to have the comforts and refinements found in the MDX? The base model will start out just under $44,000 offering only front-wheel drive. Adding the Technology, AcuraWatch, Entertainment and Advance packages the price can reach to a top level of $56,000 but still have only the FWD. Adding the all-wheel drive to the MDX adds approximately $2,000 to the overall price, keeping the top level price for this luxury SUV still under $60,000, which is actually pretty good deal compared to others in this class. Let’s take a look at what this pricing structure will get you.

Talking equipment to start with, because this is what most shopper are interested in to begin with, the base MDX show up with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that is attached to a nine-speed automatic transmission. This SUV also has LED headlights, keyless entry, push button starting, a backup camera, a tri-zone climate control, a power liftgate, heated front seats, an eight-speaker audio system that includes Aha Radio and Pandora radio, seven airbags and a trailer sway control on the AWD models.

Even thought that is a really nice menu of standard features to be enjoyed, the MDX has the four packages to add to this awesome SUV to be enjoyed. The new AcuraWatch package is a driver assistance system that adds adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow, collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning along with other safety systems. The Technology Package includes a multi-view rear camera and a navigation system. Adding the Advance Package brings in a remote engine starting, a heads up warning and an auto idle stop that allows the engine to shut off at a stoplight. The Entertainment Package adds a rear seat entertainment system to keep those in the back occupied on longer rides as well as short drives to the store.

As I said, the MDX does everything well and with all the awesome equipment you will really enjoy the drive in this new SUV. That drive is not only equipment-laden, but it also is an enjoyable and engaging ride on the road. This is a result of the amazing suspension and handling the MDX offer including the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) combination that allows the SUV to have the ability to offer a higher level of control when driving this SUV. The low profile and athletic stance of the MDX add to the ability to handle sharp turns and curves at greater speeds than other SUVs can do. Another expectation that Acura has put on board is a great deal of noise canceling technology to ensure the interior is quiet for all to enjoy.

For those who felt the MDX and maybe even all the Acura models were a bit off the past few years, you can feel relief in knowing Acura has left that part of its lineup behind and returned to its roots as having a handsome lineup of vehicles behind to show off amazing vehicles that are attractive and ready to drive. The MDX certainly has my attention and it should get yours as well. The front end has a slight grill flanked by two narrow headlights giving the front of the MDX a great appearance. The hood is low and the stance is wide offering an athletic look that allows the MDX to handle great, but also gives it a sporty feeling that shows off the first part of the SUV title. Even though the grill is the same as previous years, it’s better than before and blends in well with the overall look of the vehicle.

The inside of the MDX, where you will spend all your time has all the equipment mentioned above and is full of the amazing luxury feeling of the SUV giving it the expensive feeling you desire in a luxury vehicle. Multi-toned interior colors offer a great detailed look and more by placing all the controls within easy reach of the driver Acura has made it simple to control what needs it. The new design offers an uncluttered look up front thanks to the two LCD displays that handle most of the operations. The space inside is plentiful as well giving a generous amount of cargo room when the second row is folded down and very nice leg room when the seat is up and in place.

For those who choose the third row seat model, the cumbersome and often frustrating task of folding or moving this seat is not present in the MDX. This SUV offers easy folding and push button access to this row of seats. The button is located on the second row, making it easy to find your way to the third row and take a seat for a short ride.

The Acura MDX offers a new design for 2016 that shows back up as an Acura that offers us what we fell in love with in the first place. The handsome MDX is certainly going to make the top of many lists for the new model year and offers some of the greatest features and performance numbers to be found on any vehicle. The new MDX is expected on dealer lots in the fall of 2015 for sale, giving us all something great to look forward to at the second half of the year comes around.

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