What Can Ten Guys Do Together?

2012 Falcon F7

When ten guys get together with one coach or leader they could play basketball, with five subbing in, they could be an entire lineup for a lacrosse team, this group might make up a baseball team with a relief pitcher or designated hitter, or they can make some awesome sports cars. The team at Falcon Motorsports is such a team with the CEO Jeff Lemke who used to design parts for the Dodge Viper leading the way for his team of ten employees. Lemke spent the past three years designing the new lineups for Falcon which now shows up as the Falcon F5 and F7.

Each of the cars built at Falcon are hand built by the team of the employees at the company which are ordered and can be custom-built. Falcon has been in business since 2009 making it one of the youngest automakers in the market. The Falcon team is located in none other than the birthplace of many American automobiles, Michigan and builds the two Falcon modes in their shop for their customers to enjoy a high end sports car experience from a domestic automaker that is new to the market. Not much else screams Americana like a small business American company working to make its own breaks in the economy.

The two cars, as mentioned are the F5 and the F7. The F5shows up with a beautifully stylish and sleek sports car design that is low to the ground has a sharp set of headlights and comes up off the ground at an aerodynamically beneficial angle to give the car the height of performance. The power is brought in by a 480 horsepower engine that is attached to a six-speed dual clutch transmission. The F5 only weighs 3,050 pounds making pushing this power beast around and easy task for the engine.

On the higher end of the spectrum is the F7, which has just as much sport design as the F5 (you can see Viper inspiration in both cars) and shows up with a 620 horsepower engine that is also attached to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. The F7 is lighter, showing up with a weight of 2,850 pounds and screams around a track or on the roads with confidence and ease. Both cars are equipped with large Brembo brakes and high performance parts in every location of the cars.

Both models from Falcon can be had with very luxurious interiors full of leather seats, billet gauges, audio systems and the whole works. Some have looked at these two and thought of them as kit cars, maybe because they are hand built and assembled, or maybe because they are jealous of what the team at Falcon have created in these two models. Regardless of what other think, every car in existence at one time or another was put together by hand by the team at the factory, and many high end performance cars are still assembled by hand, so why should Falcon be any different? Falcon has their finger on the pulse of the high end sports car market and will surely gain a breakthrough to unimagined success soon, and I hope to be there to see the amazing success for this team of ten that has brought us two awesome cars to marvel at.

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