Strange Car Accessories That Exist

Eyelash Headlights

There are some really cool tech gadgets that exists into today’s car trucks and SUVs. From in dash infotainment systems and navigation to bluetooth streaming and adaptive cruise control, we have seen car technology grow in leaps and bounds. Add to that backup cameras, lane change assistance, and a multitude of other options like heated and cooled seating, and you can have one fine ride, but did you know that there are some pretty strange car accessories that are available for your vehicle too?

Are you a Back To The Future fan? Did you know that you you can purchase a Flux Capacitor that plugs into your car? Yep, that’s right, transform your car into a time machine with this really strange plug in accessory. Here’s a cool concept, Sound Activated Car Stickers. You can have a set of dancing equalizer bars on your window that flash LED lights. Do you want an R2-D2 portable charger that fits in your cup holder? It does exist.

How about a Star Trek family sticker for the rear of your vehicle? Want to sleep in the back of your car? There is a blow-up air mattress made to fit the backseat of your vehicle. Although, personally, that doesn’t sound very comfortable if you have a sedan. Power-up your phone with a solar charger that attaches to your window or add that futuristic Heads Up Display to your car with Garmin’s accessory.

Maybe you want a set of eyelashes for your car’s headlamps to identify her as a female. They do exist. There are also fuzzy mustaches available if your car is a boy. Need a french fry holder? Yep, they make those too. There are other items (ahem) that can identify your car as a “bull” if you wish too.

It appears that no matter what your vice, or whatever your fancy, there is an accessory that is out there to suit your crazy desires. Car obsessed Trekkies, Back To The Future dreamers, futuristic types, frilly eyes or staches, they do exist and there is a company out there that is willing or has already made them for you!

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