2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost: Amazing Comfort and Style from a Leader

Rolls-Royce2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost

For the wealthy and social elite, a Rolls-Royce Ghost is an addition to a collection of awesome cars in their driveways. The Rolls-Royce name and badges carry a reputation for being the absolute best anyone can buy in automotive technology and advanced styling. To own a Rolls-Royce Ghost, in either wheelbase, gives owners the ability to boast to their friends and show off to their neighbors one of the single greatest automobiles on the planet giving owners a fantastic driving experience in a car that simply begs for attention wherever it goes.

Owning the Ghost might be enough for some, but Rolls-Royce makes it easy to ensure even more style and comfort as well as a higher style from several additional features that can be added to make this car more desirable than ever. For 2014 the Rolls-Royce Ghost shows up with a limited edition performance package which is called V-Specification, an additional 30 horsepower available and special wheels and embroidery. With no real competitors in the market, the Rolls-Royce Ghost stands alone as an exclusive and individual choice for driving with a price that expresses this exclusivity in a way only a price really can.

Driving the Ghost shows off the height of all engineering factors at every angle and position, especially when driving down a road or maneuvering through traffic. The Ghost boasts exceptional handling and control which is the result of a suspension that has been engineered and re-engineered to be the very best and allow owners to feel as if they are gliding on a cloud instead of on a paved road full of imperfections and defects. The steering allows this large sedan to make its way through the various traffic challenges with ease and perfection allowing the car to enjoy easy weighting and perfect control. Much of the control features are borrowed from the BMW 7 Series to offer supreme luxury. Acceleration is another great factor of driving this amazing car, with the ability to go from zero to sixty mph in less than 4.8 seconds the Ghost becomes faster on the accelerator than some sports cars.

A unique and customizable feature of the Ghost is the Starlight Headliner. This feature allows the Ghost to showcase a headliner full of fiber optic lights that appear as a starry night. This feature can be fully customized to showcase the favorite constellation of the owner to give a bit of wonderment and whimsy during the drive.

The Rolls-Royce models have always appeared to be heavy cars and the Ghost is no exception to this coming in at 5,545 pounds. That is no matter though, most Rolls-Royce models through the years have been powered by outstanding V12 engines and the one giving the power to the Ghost is a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 that offers up 563 horsepower and 575 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a very smooth eight-speed automatic transmission allowing for a reasonable fuel mileage to be enjoyed at 13 city/21 hwy mpg. The addition of the V-Specification package adds 30 horsepower to the mix, and this car can reach a top speed of 155 mph.

The cabin of the Ghost is a showcase in handcrafted perfection with a wide array of possibilities to be enjoyed to ensure each model is unique to the owner. The custom embroidery, paint, and interior colors allow the car to be made to suit. The wood trim can be had with gold inlays, crystal glasses with a family crest on them, and many more individual features. Not forgetting the need to actually drive the car, the driver’s area is lousy with electronics and gauges to ensure owners are able to fully embrace the driving experience and have all the information they need to drive the car expertly. All passengers will enjoy a comfortable and stylish place to sit in a seat that practically surrounds the occupant in a warm embrace.

The exterior of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is exactly what it should be, bold, beautiful and screaming to be admired. With a presence that commands attention and a massive vertically inspired grill and a long hood, the Ghost makes the same statement today it has for so many years; the absolute height of style and success. Of course no Rolls-Royce would be complete without the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament that presents itself once the car is occupied and disappears from view when parked and locked in order to avoid being taken from this dynamic and alluring luxury sedan.

Even though each Rolls-Royce Ghost is made to order for those who can afford them, they all have a certain amount of standard features that make them actual Rolls-Royce models. This begins with the V12 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, but moves to a list that includes multiple cameras, separate climate controls for each seat, a heads up driver’s display, an upgraded audio system with a ten-channel amplifier, ceiling mounted exciter speakers and a built in 12.5-gig hard drive, a navigation system and many more features that make the vehicle very special to drive and own.

Optional features on the Rolls-Royce Ghost start with the Bespoke individualization program which makes every part of the car unique. Some options are standardized to make the selection easier for shoppers including a wide array of tech and safety features such as lane departure warning, active cruise control, a night vision camera, and climate controlled seats in the rear, veneered picnic tables, twin 9.2-inch LCD screens for movie viewing, and a TV tuner. This gives those serious shoppers to be able to see some of the features they can have and start them looking to be very creative with their desires for this amazing vehicle.

No matter which model of the Ghost is chosen, short or long wheelbase, each one is individual in nature and comes at a price that requires a great deal of custom features and fantastic equipment. At a starting price, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is anything but a base car and shows up at a starting price of $267,000 for the standard wheel base and over $307,000 for the long wheelbase which does offer extra legroom. Adding option package can raise the price as much as entire vehicles sometimes cost such as the V-Specification package which adds $20,000 to the price and other option package add more than $50,000 while the Bespoke adds a variety of prices, none of which come in any version of cheap. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a premier luxury sedan that signifies the height of success and status.

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