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As kids, many of us collected, enjoyed and imagined what it would be like to drive our Hot Wheels cars. The Matchbox ones weren’t quite as exciting, mostly because Matchbox stuck to real cars and trucks while Hot Wheels allows you to expand your imagination and see what a car might be capable of looking like when built with a crazy amount of engineering, a lot of guts, and plenty of passion.

There is a full-sized Hot Wheels car roaming the planet right now. When hot rodding is the subject matter, this meant beast can sometimes show up to ruin the party for everyone else, but also to bask in the glory of the cheers for the creativity and ingenuity that must have gone into making this car. The car I am referring to is known as “Double Trouble”.

Double Trouble is actually a modified 1927 Ford Model T (modified is used a bit lightly here, the thing has been completely transformed) and is now powered by two 4.6-litermodular V8 engines that are placed side by side across the front. This beauty has been fabricated from 1.5 inch tube and adds four supercharges to the engines to give a massive amount of power which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,200 horsepower.

With maybe on the grill and a few body parts being from the original design this car offers a nod to awesome engineering, a lot of hard work, and a desire to have a car that is easily the most powerful at any car show, especially a classic car show. When you see this amazing creature rolling by either on the road (if you are lucky enough to live in the area) or when watching the video, you will be absolutely in awe of what this full-sized Hot Wheels car actually is. After seeing this, it might be time to start your own classic and inspiring build.

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