Jeep Compass: Not What You’d Expect

2015 Jeep Compass Sport

Stepping into a smaller version of an already popular SUV can be a somewhat underwhelming experience for most drivers. While sacrificing the size and fuel tank, too often manufacturers forget that people still require a comfortable ride. As many SUV purchases are sought in lieu of minivans for young parents, the ease with which one can install a car seat must be considered, and too often it’s seemingly forgotten. This is not the case, however, with the 2015 Jeep Compass.

Not only does this compact SUV feature all the stylish lines of its bigger brother the Grand Cherokee, it has room to move around. Leg room and safety features a-plenty seem to be the battle cry for this year’s production of the Compass. With all four trim levels offering the same engine, gas mileage, and towing capacity, the 2015 version of this popular little vehicle is promising.

Every trim level of the Compass boasts superior safety features as well, for those concerned with their most precious cargo. Standard on every model is Electronic Stability Control, a feature that can measure conditions of the roads and figure out which wheels require the most brake pressure. Another feature of the Compass is a multistage air bag system that can sense the severity of the accident and adjust air bag deployment in kind.

Exclusive to Jeep are optional packages entitled Freedom Drive I and II. Features of Freedom Drive I allow for traction control options that forces the car to monitor slipping and adjust to conditions by applying different levels of pressure to the necessary axle. Freedom Drive II takes all the benefits of Freedom Drive I and adds an off-road capability featuring all-terrain tires, a slight raised height, and a seat height adjuster.

While, most likely, not ideal for the hard-core off-roaders, the Compass fitted with Freedom Drive II does contain some features that would allow for rougher terrains. Featuring skid plates to cover essential equipment and Hill Descent Control, the Compass may not be able to traverse the same areas as your Wrangler, but it can hold its own if things get dicey.

Keep in mind, the Compass wasn’t built to climb rocks. Very few people looking to purchase a small SUV aren’t really looking to take it off-road, but the Compass won’t leave you on the roadside in the case of inclement weather. Another attractive feature of this small SUV is that it is lower to the ground allowing for an easier in-and-out experience for passengers of all ages.

Boasting the maneuverability of a car, and the higher POV of an SUV, the 2015 Compass is presented to please any driver. Sporting an attractive exterior design with Jeep’s infamous grille, the Compass is equipped to carry your family around town and haul your cargo during a move. Tall people need not be afraid of this small SUV’s interior space either, as it is chock full of leg room.

This car is even equipped for tightly-packed city driving, as it can easily fit in parking spots that other SUVs wouldn’t while still maintaining a fantastic 23 miles per gallon if equipped with the 2.0 liter engine. The 2.4 liter engine is the answer for those that require extra power, but are willing to sacrifice some gas mileage, although the 21 mpg city is nothing to scoff at considering the roominess.

For drivers in area where bad weather can be an issue, especially during the winter, buyers may consider purchasing a model that offers 4-wheel drive. However, if 4X4 isn’t what you’re looking for, the FWD option of this model should be more than sufficient to carry your passengers safely from one place to the next.

Amongst reviewers, it looks as though the Compass has finally been met with the accolades it deserves, after being introduced in 2007. A redesign in 2011 allowed for the Compass to represent exactly what Jeep intended, a small version of the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Now in 2015, the Compass comes ready to deliver exactly what a driver wants when it comes to a smaller size SUV.

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