Nissan GT-R Takes out Jeremy Clarkson’s Neck on Top Gear

2015 GT-R

Top Gear is the most popular car show of all time. Its host, Jeremy Clarkson, makes living vicariously through the driving of others fun with his love for speed, quick British wit, and willingness to do things most drivers would never consider. Sometimes, it costs him.

While the rest of the world is watching the battle between Top Gear and the country of Argentina over attacks stemming from a license plate, we’re more interested in seeing how the speedy Nissan GT-R worked for Clarkson. As it turns out, it worked very well… or too well if you’re Clarkson’s neck. The G-forces took forced him to stop in the middle of the track to get hauled off by an ambulance.

Whether it was just another stunt that the Top Gear team often pulls for good television or if the host legitimately hurt himself, we’ll likely never know. Still, his responses to the beast of a car were still worth the watch.

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