Is Jaguar Moving to Aluminum Platforms?

Jaguar Aluminum

It seems the high-end, performance driven engineers and designers at Jaguar have decided in the next few years to head in the direction of an all-aluminum platform across all their vehicles. With the development of a smaller sports sedan already designed the Jaguar top brass announced last year they will need to make the change across their entire line to aluminum, if they are going to make even one vehicle on an aluminum platform. The reason this change is necessary, they are a smaller automaker, although one that is highly successful and growing, and the cost would be prohibitive if they didn’t embrace a complete change in direction.

What this means for us in the public is a brand new lineup of Jaguars to look forward to. As an automaker that has always drawn attention and accolades for quality in craftsmanship, style, performance and allure, knowing there will be a brand new lineup on the way that is all-aluminum is very exciting. Having the flexibility to build with this material will make the Jaguar lineup the most efficient it’s ever been due to the lighter weight of the vehicles, offers flexibility in styling and shaping and overall should start to cost less, making Jaguar a name more of us can afford.

Knowing they have to keep the double-wishbone suspension that has been their bread and butter for most of the life of the automaker, the leaders of Jaguar made this bold and sweeping statement with confidence and passion that gives us the knowledge they are very serious about this direction. In addition to seeing all the high-performance cars made from this much lighter material, the Jaguar Brass hinted at the fact they may be producing a crossover SUV as well to stay up with much of the competition.

With nearly every other automaker offering at least two crossover SUV’s for the taking, Jaguar needs to be able to keep pace and changing to a lighter and less expensive material in aluminum will help to make this a possibility. Although they only hinted at it, the design structures presented by Jaguar show us they are seriously planning to put out a crossover SUV. Whether this SUV will come out ahead of the new car lines is yet to be seen, but either way having this expansion will help this already highly successful automaker become even more of a player on the market.

With this new direction in building the entire Jaguar lineup with aluminum materials, Jaguar is getting serious about continued growth, expansion, and working to develop new and better technologies that can only continue to amaze us as the consumers. Many of us who currently stop and stare when a Jaguar model speeds past, may very well be able to afford to drive one of these highly engineered and extremely engaging cars in the very near future.

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