Celebrating Decades of Excellence: The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition

CelebratingLamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition

When and automaker and tiremaker work together in harmony for many years, in this case since 1963, every so often that relationship must be fully appreciated and celebrated. Just announced, Lamborghini will have a special Pirelli Edition of the Aventador. This awesome looking and performing car will offer some signature Pirelli features to help really celebrate the marriage between these two companies.

As a car that obviously is better than just fin, the Aventador offers up a V12 690 horsepower engine that has 509 lb.-ft. of torque and is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Add the pushrod suspension, permanent all-wheel drive and underneath this awesome car is performance at its best. The color scheme is one of a two-toned variety which gives those with enough coin to own one some very intriguing choices to pick from to gain the look they desire. By selecting the Pirelli Edition, owners will gain a ton of awesome added touches to really make the car stand out, even though if you have ever seen any Lamborghini model, they all stand out.

On the Pirelli Edition a thin red stripe is added to the roof and engine hood as well as the mirror outlets of the air intakes. This red stripe is and has been a huge part of the Pirelli name and brand for decades and adds a bit of flair to the already amazing beast of a machine. Of course the tires are Pirelli high performance tires and they also carry the red stripe into this celebration of partnership. Other additions include a transparent engine hood, carbon engine compartment trim and gorgeous gloss black rims which adds a bit of the dramatic to the car.

Of course the interior could not be left out of the celebration which is adorned with black Alcantara leather and red stitching to once again show off the Pirelli name. There is even a red strip that runs along the headliner giving the inside some interest and appeal to an already highly enjoyable cabin. Even the door panels and seat sides are decked out in leather making sure the luxury is all around the driver and their occupant.

Each one of these Pirelli Edition vehicles will have the Pirelli nameplate on the rear and they will all receive a special series plaque that is numbered to commemorate the occasion and celebration. As a car that offer very limited availability this Lamborghini offers the celebration of a partnership and the highest grade of visual appeal and performance possible. As the single tire manufacturer Lamborghini allows on its cars they have found a great way to commemorate and celebrate the partnership with Pirelli in true class and style. These limited edition models are available to order at dealers already to expect delivery in the summer of 2015. Whether you are looking for the best sports car possible or want another limited edition to add to your collection, this special edition model is a great way to join the celebration of this awesome partnership.

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