Are Flying Cars Really a Practical Future?

Flying Car

Ever since man made planes and cars and both have been in existence together there have been movies about flying cars. From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to a Flubber Powered Car and on to Doc Brown’s Delorean in Back the Future cars that fly have made it on the big screen, and that is probably where they should stay.

What would it take for a person to be able to fly a car? With so many advances in automobile technology much of which is based on using the Earth as a source of information and assuming the vehicle is actually touching the ground, new technologies would have to be revamped. In addition to that, think about all the people around you on your daily commute, do you want all them in the air with you as well?

Flying an aircraft requires a lot of skill and education, the education part most of us are not really willing to undergo just to be able to get back and forth to work. You would have to learn to not only worry about what is going on to the left, right, behind or in front of you, but also what is happening above and below you to ensure the vehicle can continue on your course safely.

How about if you break down or have an accident? When you are in an aircraft gravity plays a huge role in the outcome of a crash where at least on the ground when an accident takes place or your car breaks down you are already on the ground and ready to solve the problem in front of you. In the air you may not have a vehicle anymore when a break down occurs, instead you just might be parachuting to the ground and no longer have a ride to your destination, and certainly no one is going to be able to come to a stop and help you either.

Even if flying cars could be a reality, the cost would be a great deal more than is spent on cars today. The estimated cost of a very small plane is well over $300,000 while cars cost an average of $30,000. Not to mention the expensive fuel that goes into the engines of aircraft of today, if you think filling up your gas tank now digs deep in your pockets, try paying to fill an airplane. Add to this cost structure the astronomical rise I the cost of insurance that would be part of the deal. Knowing the fact most of the accidents that would happen in the air would result in the vehicle being totaled, insurance would be paying to replace flying cars on a very regular basis, a perfect scenario for rates to shoot through the roof.

Flying cars might be a lot of fun to dream about and watch in wonder on the big screen, but the simple reality is the cost and dynamics of creating a world where the majority of us are flying a car at thousands of feet in the air would lead to a much more dangerous situation. Instead, let’s focus the efforts on making the cars we have safer and much easier to enjoy down on the ground.

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