It’s Not Dead Yet

The manual transmission has not quite gone the way of the Dodo Bird as of yet. While more cars than ever are only built with automatic transmissions and so many young drivers aren’t even exposed to how to drive a car that has three pedals we are seeing fewer and fewer vehicles with the ability […]

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The Final XTerra

Have you ever seen a car that just looks like it would be fun to drive?  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes there is a car that screams that it is packed with sporty, fun-loving, good times.  Most of us pick up this essence from the tiny little sports cars with the drop top or […]

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One Tough Truck: Toyota’s Tacoma

For a glorious vista, Tacoma Washington is the place to be.  With glorious views of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound surrounding the city, it’s a photo opportunity waiting to happen.  For a rugged, rough, and tumble truck, the Toyota Tacoma is what you want to drive.  Backed by a fantastic reputation from Toyota, the […]

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