Where is the Front?

Imagine a vehicle that can haul heavy loads on a jobsite and has no need of a human operator. This has actually been the case for several years with heavy duty dump trucks and jobsite equipment that are capable of driving themselves around the site using GPS mapping, but these vehicles have always been equipped […]

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The Pressure is On

Tesla has made many bold statements this year, unveiled what will be a new model and has addressed much of the media attention surrounding different events for the company. While this is a company that does things differently than the rest, there are some things they must do the same in order to comply with […]

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Let it Transform

Whether you’re old enough to remember the Transformers cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s or you’re a huge fan of the most recent Michael Bay movies with the massive CGI transforming robots, or both, the idea of vehicles transforming from cars, trucks, planes or other electronic devices into a robot of destruction or protection is […]

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When You Need a Boat

One of the challenges of driving is the possibility of flash flooding and even what could happen in a storm if water comes up over the road. While most of us would never expect to be able to use our cars as boats there is one car that is reportedly able to handle the job […]

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