Don’t Be Aggressive

Imagine yourself on the road. You’re chugging along, on your way to work or taking a trip to Grandma’s house to visit, and you notice you’re being tailgated to the extent that you can’t see the grill of the car behind you. At this point, most drivers will ease into the other lane and allow […]

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Ford Takes it to the Max

When compared to how long Ford cars have been around, hybrid technology is fairly new.  While Ford has been manufacturing some of its customers favorite models in hybrid versions, no one would could claim that Ford is leading the pack when it comes to hybrid technology.  For most people, hybrid means better gas mileage, but […]

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Buick is Doing Things Right

Buick has started to make a huge turn and continues to reap the rewards of that turn.  For many years Buick was billed as a luxury brand that offered features and driving that were enjoyed by older generations but recently they have made several changes to be a modern luxury brand that shows up with […]

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