It’s Not Dead Yet

The manual transmission has not quite gone the way of the Dodo Bird as of yet. While more cars than ever are only built with automatic transmissions and so many young drivers aren’t even exposed to how to drive a car that has three pedals we are seeing fewer and fewer vehicles with the ability […]

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It Must Be Halloween Again

At the very least it should be time for Halloween and the resurrection of some car models that have long gone away.  Possibly that is an Easter reference, but I digress.  We have seen cars come and go over the years and models that make it and some that don’t.  Unfortunately there are several models […]

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Buick is Doing Things Right

Buick has started to make a huge turn and continues to reap the rewards of that turn.  For many years Buick was billed as a luxury brand that offered features and driving that were enjoyed by older generations but recently they have made several changes to be a modern luxury brand that shows up with […]

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