Finally; The Return Begins

The world has been without a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler for far too long. In previous years, the Ford Bronco was the perfect competition for the Wrangler, giving us another highly capable off road vehicle, but Ford cancelled production after a long run, leaving us with only the one choice. News from the […]

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Are You Up for a World Tour?

If you were to travel around the world and try to see far off lands what mode of transportation would you use? Most of us would want to hop on a plane and fly to a specific destination, but sometimes the journey from one place to another is the fun part of any travels. This […]

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It Must Be Halloween Again

At the very least it should be time for Halloween and the resurrection of some car models that have long gone away.  Possibly that is an Easter reference, but I digress.  We have seen cars come and go over the years and models that make it and some that don’t.  Unfortunately there are several models […]

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Sounding Crazy

Sometimes, well many times, in the automotive world we see some really odd contraptions that make us wonder why someone didn’t stop the manufacturer before the item made it to concept and, God forbid, to production.  This can come in the form of a build and design that seems to be made for one specific […]

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