It’s Not Dead Yet

The manual transmission has not quite gone the way of the Dodo Bird as of yet. While more cars than ever are only built with automatic transmissions and so many young drivers aren’t even exposed to how to drive a car that has three pedals we are seeing fewer and fewer vehicles with the ability […]

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Safety Solution

What seems to be the worst part of driving and the scariest place around your car?  If you answered “The Blind Spot” you would be correct.  The area from your mirror to the back of your car is what you can’t see in your side or rearview mirrors most of the time.  There are mirror […]

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Growing Up and Showing Up

As we grow up and start to go through adulthood some events in our lives prompt us to show up in a way that lets others know we have become a huge success.  One such occasion is a high-school reunion, especially at the twenty year mark where we get to see how much everyone changed […]

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The New M2; More Explanation

BMW has been able to capture our hearts with some of the best luxury sport machines on the planet for many years.  Their newest offering is the M2 which is an all-new model that is to replace the once highly lauded M1.  If you have loved the pictures and look you have seen of the […]

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A little BMW performance history

BMW has always been a car company that offers athletic vehicles for us to admire.  Over the years this company has been well-known for some of the most respected performance vehicles on the road and offers a great deal of fantastic vehicles that have been fun to drive.  Some may say BMW has passed its […]

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V10 Power Lives On

In the modern era there seems to be a transition to the less powerful engines on many models in an effort to create lower emissions and use much less of the fossil fuels still left on this planet.  Look at the direction the state of California is going; if the legislature passes there the residents […]

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