Here Come the Electrics

In the next few years we will see two new cars that will be a huge part of the automotive lineup. These two are EVs that don’t have gasoline backup engines at all and will have a range that will certainly make us think about buying them when we shop for a car. Until now, […]

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The Pressure is On

Tesla has made many bold statements this year, unveiled what will be a new model and has addressed much of the media attention surrounding different events for the company. While this is a company that does things differently than the rest, there are some things they must do the same in order to comply with […]

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When You Need a Boat

One of the challenges of driving is the possibility of flash flooding and even what could happen in a storm if water comes up over the road. While most of us would never expect to be able to use our cars as boats there is one car that is reportedly able to handle the job […]

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Autopilot Still Under Fire

The fatal crash that took place in May involving a driver who had their Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode which caused the crash is still a concern and an prime example of why we need to pay attention when driving. Even though we’ve discussed and heard about the disclaimers and the need to stay […]

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Soon, Very Soon

Currently the only car shoppers who can enjoy an over 200 mile range from a single charge in a vehicle are those who can afford to buy the Tesla Model S and in the past the Tesla Roadster. The problem is most of the world is left out of the equation, which would be fine […]

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And the War Continues

Did you know there was an electric vehicle war going on? If you pay attention to the automobile world with more than a passing fancy you certainly would be well aware of it. Ever since Tesla, headed up by Elon Musk, showed up on the scene with their high priced luxury Model S that is […]

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