Chinese Company Making the Rounds

LeEco is formerly known as LeTV and is a Chinese company that has grown from the technology boom we currently enjoy. This company is best known for TVs, smartphones and streaming services but has decided it’s time to enter into automotive industry. With their interest extending into this area LeEco will enter the market in […]

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Sounding Crazy

Sometimes, well many times, in the automotive world we see some really odd contraptions that make us wonder why someone didn’t stop the manufacturer before the item made it to concept and, God forbid, to production.  This can come in the form of a build and design that seems to be made for one specific […]

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Toyota Prius Feels the Pressure

The Toyota Prius has been the signature name when it comes to hybrid powertrains and technology for many years.  When you think of fuel  efficiency and getting the most out of your mileage while also give yourself the opportunity to have a chance at being eco-friendly the Prius has always been the name that comes […]

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