A New Hyundai SUV is Coming

Even though the small and active subcompact SUVs are the models that seem to sell better than any other on the market, the Hyundai SUV team is working on something massive. With the recent showing of the Hyundai Kona, the hybrid Ioniq, and the Kia models that fill the same spots, this company may feel […]

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Toyota Performance Using Force

In the everyday driving machines that we see and use on the roads from Toyota, we don’t expect to see any type of forced induction under the hood, but that doesn’t mean the performance arm of Toyota won’t offer forced power. The benefits for the typical engines that are used in the coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, […]

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Where Are We On Self Driving Cars?

Remember when Jurassic Park released and we were all blown away at the influx of technology featured in the movie? There were touch screen computer systems, driverless cars, and bingo! Dino DNA. Wait, go back a second; driverless cars? What once seemed an impossible technology to accomplish has been approached by a couple of different […]

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Inspiration Abound

What is a concept car really?  It’s an idea, an inspiration, the product of the imagination and something that may or may not have an actual practical application, but in some cases a concept car can be the perfect car for us to see what the designer and engineers had in mind.  Whether the concept […]

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What Can Ten Guys Do Together?

When ten guys get together with one coach or leader they could play basketball, with five subbing in, they could be an entire lineup for a lacrosse team, this group might make up a baseball team with a relief pitcher or designated hitter, or they can make some awesome sports cars. The team at Falcon […]

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Apple’s New Automobile?

There has been a great deal of chatter throughout the automotive industry and around the internet recently about driverless or autonomous vehicles. Google has made their intentions about autonomous vehicles well known and other contenders such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and General Motors. It should leave few surprised that it has been suggested that Apple is […]

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