Don’t Be Aggressive

Imagine yourself on the road. You’re chugging along, on your way to work or taking a trip to Grandma’s house to visit, and you notice you’re being tailgated to the extent that you can’t see the grill of the car behind you. At this point, most drivers will ease into the other lane and allow […]

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Where Are We On Self Driving Cars?

Remember when Jurassic Park released and we were all blown away at the influx of technology featured in the movie? There were touch screen computer systems, driverless cars, and bingo! Dino DNA. Wait, go back a second; driverless cars? What once seemed an impossible technology to accomplish has been approached by a couple of different […]

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The Sport Variant has Been Seen

When automakers bring us new models that are expected to be better than the previous model, the use of a large variety of research and technology is beneficial to many vehicles and the larger automotive groups that we see offer this to the models that are built. This is part of what makes the models […]

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