We Love Speed in All Forms

There have been many different cars that have found different ways to create speed and show off at a track for us to admire. We’ve seen cars that can drive as fast as you can imagine, but some people choose to find speed in different ways. Whether that means they’re the first to do something […]

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Exciting Speed without the Help

The way the supercars of today have been developed it almost seems necessary for them to carry some form of electrification into the mix when they look to set any kind of track speed records. The world of these cars has become so competitive that every automaker has been looking for that advantage over the […]

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The Near Future Looks Bright

As the automotive industry has been booming over the past several years, we see some amazing vehicles coming in the future. I’m not talking about the distant future where reality will take over and some of these models won’t be economical to build; instead I’m discussing the next few years when we’ll see more of […]

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Another Celebration

Unless you’re an avid Fiat follower you might not realize the Fiat 500 is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This little car has been one we’ve loved to drive for its small and simple good looks and it’s easy to enjoy driving manners. Now that this model has reached the completion of six decades on the […]

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