The Showcase Continues

The Geneva Motor Show is a showcase of exotic and luxury cars each year. We see more of the names that we lust after at this show than any other all year long and this particular year was no different. With many different brands bringing out their very best new vehicles to present to us, […]

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Why Did this Take so Long?

When you buy a hybrid or EV model what do you expect to receive? You expect to not only have a great vehicle that you can drive wherever you need to that doesn’t need as much gas or none at all as other vehicles on the road, but you expect to have the benefit of […]

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When is There Too Much Torque?

When you’re discussing the power numbers of a vehicle to an enthusiast, the numbers can never be too large. Horsepower and torque are the two items that we want in our cars, especially if we plan to drag race them. While we can admire impressive torque numbers for a ca, there is a time when […]

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