A New Giulia Already

For those of us in the US, the Giulia is a new model on the market that hasn’t even allowed the paint to dry before coming out with a new vehicle to add to the lineup. As far as Alfa Romeo is concerned, we needn’t concern ourselves at all with this car since it will […]

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You Should Buy a Fuel Cell Vehicle

While the refueling stations aren’t widely available yet, when they are, the desire to buy a fuel cell vehicle should increase exponentially. These vehicles are the perfect solution to the problem between an internal combustion engine and an electric car. They offer you the same zero emissions that you want in an electric car while […]

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Here Come the Electrics

In the next few years we will see two new cars that will be a huge part of the automotive lineup. These two are EVs that don’t have gasoline backup engines at all and will have a range that will certainly make us think about buying them when we shop for a car. Until now, […]

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Where is the Front?

Imagine a vehicle that can haul heavy loads on a jobsite and has no need of a human operator. This has actually been the case for several years with heavy duty dump trucks and jobsite equipment that are capable of driving themselves around the site using GPS mapping, but these vehicles have always been equipped […]

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