Are You Up for a World Tour?

If you were to travel around the world and try to see far off lands what mode of transportation would you use? Most of us would want to hop on a plane and fly to a specific destination, but sometimes the journey from one place to another is the fun part of any travels. This […]

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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Do any of you remember watching the sitcom Home Improvement? In this show Tim Taylor, played by Tim Allen, hosts his own show called Tool Time and is a true “Man’s Man” with a bevy of macho sayings, grunts and activities. “More Power” is his claim to fame and infamy as well as most of […]

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It’s Not Dead Yet

The manual transmission has not quite gone the way of the Dodo Bird as of yet. While more cars than ever are only built with automatic transmissions and so many young drivers aren’t even exposed to how to drive a car that has three pedals we are seeing fewer and fewer vehicles with the ability […]

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