A New President; A New Limo

Cadillac has been the trusted name in transportation for the current President and is to be the one used by the next as well. Currently President Obama uses a large Cadillac limo that is called The Beast and was features on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Dubbed by the Secret Service as Cadillac One or […]

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Coming Out of the Ashes

Do you know the name Spyker? If not I won’t be too surprised at all. This Dutch specialty car company was in the throes of full-fledged bankruptcy as recently as 2014 and somehow has come out on the other side to be able to begin receiving cash flow enough that the could be on the […]

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IT Guy Who Builds Motorcycles

More likely the fact that he has been building motorcycles for nearly twenty years Eric Gorges would consider himself a motorcycle craftsman that used to be an IT guy.  Gorges builds bike for his company Voodoo Choppers and is based out of an area just north of Detroit.  What you don’t see when you visit […]

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It Must Be Halloween Again

At the very least it should be time for Halloween and the resurrection of some car models that have long gone away.  Possibly that is an Easter reference, but I digress.  We have seen cars come and go over the years and models that make it and some that don’t.  Unfortunately there are several models […]

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Safety Solution

What seems to be the worst part of driving and the scariest place around your car?  If you answered “The Blind Spot” you would be correct.  The area from your mirror to the back of your car is what you can’t see in your side or rearview mirrors most of the time.  There are mirror […]

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Sounding Crazy

Sometimes, well many times, in the automotive world we see some really odd contraptions that make us wonder why someone didn’t stop the manufacturer before the item made it to concept and, God forbid, to production.  This can come in the form of a build and design that seems to be made for one specific […]

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